Connexion Asset Group was founded by Edwin G. Anderson to create a focused business strategy leveraging the capabilities of a team assembled around a portfolio of major property investments.

The executive team has an unusual depth of experience in acquisitions, underwriting, transaction structuring, finance, accounting, investor reporting, asset management, property management, leasing and tenant construction.

Speed and innovation require in-house talent with years of experience. Connexion Asset Group is poised to move quickly to capitalize on opportunities.

Edwin G. Anderson III
Chief Executive Officer
30 years experience in real estate, including the acquisition, management, finance, joint venture or repositioning of nearly $1 billion of real estate...
Diane L. Austin

25 years of corporate finance, operational and strategic management experience, focusing in real estate acquisitions, joint venture structuring, and taxation...
David J. Chasnow
Director of Acquisitions and Asset Management
10 years' experience in real estate, including acquisition analysis, asset management, due diligence and credit analysis...